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Higher Education Lessons Learned from Toys–Part II

November 29, 2011


Part I of this series discussed the lessons my grandchildren’s toys taught me about higher education. In this posting I will discuss what I learned about higher education when I reflected on my own childhood toys. The first images that come to my mind when I think about my own toys were images of a […]

Higher Education Lessons Learned from Toys–Part I

November 28, 2011


How are toys and institutions of higher education similar?

Skeletons in the Closets of American Liberal Arts Colleges – Part I

November 6, 2011


The original Greek veiw of liberal arts. Artistotle's three forms of knowledge

Can Faculty Learn from a Broadway Musical

July 9, 2010


Response to Chronicle of Higher Education article entitled Linke in With: A Writer Who Questions the Wisdom of Learning with Technology. I beleive education is meeting students where they are and helping them get to where they want or ought to be. If where they want to be is not where they ought to be, then our first job is helping student see where they ought to be. It is not sufficient to them "because I told you so." THere is a short review of the three ways of knowing from ancient Greece. I end with a challenge to us in higher education today. Are we willing to meet students where they are and help them get to where they want or ought to be, even if it means using multiple ways of knowing learning that may at first not seem comfortable to us.