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Three New Blogs

July 26, 2010


Greetings everyone In order to reduce confusion and give people a better idea of what they will be reading, I have split my blogging into three blogs. Beginning with posting, I will only use this particular blog (byonhighered located at to announce postings on the new blogs so that people don’t have to look at […]

Aphasia Is Not the End of the World

July 13, 2010


Aphasia may have taken some words away temporarily, but I still have the most important things in the world left. I have a real-live social network that I can count on. I am still me.

We Are All Different

July 12, 2010


We are all different. A personal journey through aphasia, epilepsy and physical challenges. An individual with aphaisa, epilepsy, or a phsyical handicapp is not less of a person. He or she id just different. Since they may see or tate things in a new and different way that may lend a new perspective to a problem and lead to a new and different solution.

Can Faculty Learn from a Broadway Musical

July 9, 2010


Response to Chronicle of Higher Education article entitled Linke in With: A Writer Who Questions the Wisdom of Learning with Technology. I beleive education is meeting students where they are and helping them get to where they want or ought to be. If where they want to be is not where they ought to be, then our first job is helping student see where they ought to be. It is not sufficient to them "because I told you so." THere is a short review of the three ways of knowing from ancient Greece. I end with a challenge to us in higher education today. Are we willing to meet students where they are and help them get to where they want or ought to be, even if it means using multiple ways of knowing learning that may at first not seem comfortable to us.

For Me, Aphasia is like solving jig saw puzzles with pieces missing

July 5, 2010


Sometimes when I am writing or speaking, I find myself searching for words. It is like trying to solve jig saw puzzles with pieces missing. How do I cope?

Centralized or Decentralized Online Learning Offices

July 1, 2010


With online programs the debate usually rages: Should control be centralized or decentralized. Pros and cons of both approaches are discussed. In the end, the apporach that a particular institution should take comes down to the students it is trying to reach with its online programs,

Charcteristics of an Ideal Major

July 1, 2010


Characteristics of an Ideal Major What does the ideal major look like? Almost all undergraduate programs today consist of three parts: General Education, Major, Electives. The major is the primary area of study that the student wishes to pursue. In forty years of academic work, I have had the privilege of helping many programs or […]