My blog has moved

March 6, 2013


The best laid plans can go awry. I thought I had taken care of all the details related to moving my blog to my new website associated with my new coaching/consulting business. The one minor detail that slipped through the cracks was to announce the move on this my old blog. So …. my new […]

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Consider the Moth

August 19, 2012


All Truth is God's Truth. A parable lesson from moths

Bloodhounds and Aphasia

July 5, 2012


BLoodhounds can be an excellent mascot for a team of a patient and caregivers battling aphasia

Aphasia and the Art of Navigation

June 30, 2012


Aphasia can contribute to slow communications which make it difficult to be a naviagtor.

Signs for a Positive Life

June 19, 2012


Signs of Encouragement

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

June 6, 2012


Signs in Doctors' office and medical facilities remind me of an old song, and how signs can effect people.

Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?

May 20, 2012


Using an old, familiar joke to explain moving half-way across the country to be nearer to family in my retirement.

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Moving Right Along

April 5, 2012


For several years, my wife and I have known this day was coming. Ever since the explosion of the blood vessel in my head and the removal of the benign meningioma that had attached itself to the right frontal lobe of my brain, we knew that we needed to move back to Pennsylvania to be […]

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Never Take a Loved One for Granted

April 5, 2012


Granddaughter's essay on taking family for granted

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Weeping over Books

March 8, 2012


What books are important to us and why

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